A Dream and an Adventure


ORD, ICT, LHR, DFW, Piccadilly Line, Kings Cross, Oxford Circus, pounds, loos and queues. It's the middle of March, and as I sit at ORD and wait for the night flight to LHR, I'm caught in a surreal place. After years of dreaming, and months of planning, I'm on day one of one of my life's biggest adventures - the dream to travel to Europe with my family. Oh the dream has taken several different evolutions through time, but in the end, it is a spectacular one - a surreal one.

Back to that sitting though...a six hour layover. And for the first time, I look at the date and see that it is in all reality the middle of March 2015. That date was always so far out there. And the days between Christmas to present, simply disappeared in a blur of researching and reservations. I have a pretty good handle on dollar to pound conversion and feel I'll be able to navigate the London tube with success. (I'm a visual learner, and their color coded maps are a treat!)

A lot of life has been lived in a blur during the planning. Things placed on hold, as focus was needed for this big dream. Now, to not let the dream event itself be a blur. To really embrace each day of the journey, the highs, the lows, and every minute in between. A twenty day trip, filled with family and friends in England and France.

Perhaps I'll share more on the trip later, but as I write these thoughts, my focus is landing on the passion needed to pursue big dreams - the kind that are actually so stretching you can't imagine how they would ever happen.

I had wonderful coaching along the way, even early on in the "can I really dream this dream?" stage. My coaches (I took this dream to two) both affirmed my passion for the trip, helped me to explore how I would feel if I never pursued my dream, and helped me identify obstacles that I would need to overcome. Mainly, those coaching conversations energized me and helped me take steps to get me to my dream.

Hard work...yes! Time consuming...yes! Surreal...yes! Time to enjoy and embrace...yes! yes! I choose to live presently in this dream moment, embracing each day - each moment. Really soaking it all in; experiencing, feeling, and in the end, ultimately being transformed.

I ask you, dear reader, fellow dreamer, to liston to that stirring in your soul this very moment. What dream is on your heart? How have you been suppressing it? How can coaching move it forward, and make it a reality?

Please email or call me if you would like to explore your dream together. In the meantime, after all the planning and anticipation, I am going to be intentional to live in the moment each day of my dream.


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