Reset - Recharge - Refocus

It's an absolutely gorgeous evening. As I write (using pen and paper while on a yard swing - my preferred writing mode), I'm breathing in rest, and pleasure and restoration. I welcome it too.

This past month and a half has been amazing, but honestly, I'm not back in a balanced rhythm to life. And I'm not particularly fond of the crazy cycle. Balance continues to be one of my main issues I work on, and I'm often needing to step back, bring some restoration and recharge before I can move forward.

I believe we all have this need for balance and reset. As an introvert, I know I need lots of reset and recharge. I function extremely well in extroverted situations. So much so, that often times people don't see me as an introvert. I have a lot of fun with people and love to experience new opportunities. I've simply learned I need some solitude afterwards.

I'm in a bit of an uneven keel following our trip, which was immediately followed by attending our church conference's national youth conference out of state, and presenting two workshops on the importance of values in our lives. It's taken me longer to reset this month, and I find myself running after my schedule instead of owning it. Sound familiar?

Resetting - recharging - refocusing are wonderful coaching opportunities. What area of your life is in need of a reset, a recharge, or refocus? I'd love to coach and encourage you in these areas.

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