The Need for Affirmation

Silly little post here, but it has me thinking.

No need to mention where I was when I happened to realize that the lining of my slacks had words written all over. Having owned the pair of pants for several months, one day I discovered five affirming messages in them. These messages were:

"You are valued."

"You are creative."

"You are inspiring."

"You are confident."

"You are successful."

I found this quite amusing and spent a moment identifying each of the hidden messages. The humor cheered me up. Maybe it was the messages instilling a sense of affirmation in my being.

And then, I started thinking about the designer of the pants and the choice they made to place those messages inside the pants. An intentional choice to affirm someone - lots of someones.

Affirmation is something I value. And it is something I feel passionate about giving to others. I believe it is one of the strengths I bring into a coaching relationship. One of the very essentials that I love about my job. It is a joy and a pleasure to tell a client they are valued and help them to feel confident and achieve success.

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