It's nearing the end of May, and as a wife of a youth pastor, that means a couple of full weekends of graduations and parties. It's both a highlight of the year for us and also a bit sad for us. Every year, we see families graduate out their beloved children. Children that we have often known ourselves since they were little. What a privilage to walk with families and work with youth on their journey to adulthood. The journey is often bittersweet for me, just like my own senior year and graduation transition. Soaking in all that has been achieved, saying goodbye to a major life chapter, and hello to a new and hopefully inspirational one. I'm breathing in each year of my own children's lives a little more deeply because I'm more than aware of how quickly these days and moments are happening.

So there is just that bittersweet feeling in my soul that accompanies me during the month of May. And this morning, during my quiet time, it was especially strong. Since March of 2014, I've been going through the book of Psalms with the practice of Lectio Divina. I'm nearing the end now, and after more than a year of such a deliberate and intentional approach to reading the Bible, it's feeling bittersweet as well.

I wouldn't want to change anything in either of these experiences. Life wouldn't be so great if it stood still and no one ever moved forward in their journeys. And so I choose to be ever so grateful for the experiences and people along the way.

Having a life coach walk with you through a season of transition can be powerful. It would be an honor to walk with you in your own life transition.

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