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Hello, my name is Chandelle (pronounced Shawndel) Claassen. I am a child of God, created for an intimate relationship with Him. My confidence, hope and assurance come through this knowledge of who I am - a beloved daughter of the Great I Am. 
I have been a ministry partner for 24 years. My husband Russ is the District Youth Minister with the Southern District of Mennonite Brethren Churches.
I earned a Bachelors Degree in Social Work from Bethany College in 1996, and from there went directly into the University of Denver's MSW Program. I did not finish that degree, however, and after a whirlwind romance, married Russ while he was in seminary in Denver. After his graduation, we moved from Denver to rural Corn, Oklahoma, where we served in ministry for nearly 12 years. We are currently serving in our seventh year of ministry in South Central Kansas. I am currently working on my M.Ed. in Neuroscience and Trauma through Tabor College. 
While in Oklahoma, our two boys were born. As a family, we love to be together playing games, watching movies, drawing, creating, biking, hiking, camping, skiing, traveling, and laughing! My oldest is serving with the Kansas Army National Guard.
I am a visual learner, astute with numbers, a loyal friend, and an enthusiastic encourager. I'm passionate about nature, fall colors, spiritual formation, travel, writing, and football. I value spiritual growth, deep relationships, and life-long learning. I believe in living well, embracing passions and accomplishing dreams.
These qualities contribute to who I am and what I bring into a coaching relationship. I earned my Professional Life Coaching Certificate from the Christian Coach Institute, an ICF accredited coach training school, and hold an ACC credential. In addition, I am a certified coach with US Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. USMB LEAD Coaching utilizes Building Champions' Core Four system consisting of a Life Plan, Ministry Vision, Ministry Plan and Priority Management. LEAD coaching is an in-depth 12 month leadership focused training. I am also a trained Spiritual Director and received training from with The Schools of Sustainable Faith
I believe in people and desire to see them living balanced and passionate lives. Please contact me to schedule your complimentary discovery session for either life coaching or spiritual direction.

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