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Bluestem is a native perennial grass that is prominent in the tallgrass prairies of the Great Plains. Little Bluestem is the official state grass of Kansas where I live. In 2010, the state named Little Bluestem as a symbol of the prairies of Kansas, reminding people how the grasslands contribute to our quality of life.


Born and raised in Colorado (and passionately drawn to the mountains and woodlands), it is in the middle of the Great Plains that my heritage draws back to and I've lived much of my life. I spent four years in Central Kansas during college. After graduation, I returned to Colorado and met my husband...a Kansan. We lived nearly twelve years in Western Oklahoma, and  are in our fifth year in South Central Kansas. Part of naming my coaching business Bluestem Life Coaching, is my embracing how I'm living life on the prairies, and it is a fulfilling life of high quality.


The Bluestem grasses have dense root systems reaching 3-9 feet into the soil. I find symbolism in them that ties to my value of relationships, investing in community and growing deep roots. There is also a vastness to the plains that seems symbolic of life as well. To be able to look out on the horizon and dream wide open.


Not many seed can grow in a variety of soil. However, the Bluestem grasses grow in deep, shallow and rocky soils, and are drought resistant. Oh, to be so versatile! At the end of my life, I want to be able to say I freely lived, bloomed, shined Christ's light and bore much fruit in season. I survived the seasons of drought like the Bluestem grasses because I had a deep and dense root system that anchored my soul until a new time of nourishment and blessing could come. 

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